Monday, May 3, 2010

a little bit of stand-up

This Sunday which just passed it was time to enjoy the birthday gift that I gave to my sister in February. Yeah, I actually got to enjoy it too, since I had bought us tickets to the stand-up comedy show of Magnus Betnér that is touring the country. The first couple of times I saw him on TV I did not like him at all, but then I warmed up and now I really like him.

Magnus Betnér did a great show yesterday at Chinateatern and it was well spent money. It was slow in the beginning but then it started to build up and by the end I laughed my ass off. The time flew by and when they started to light up the theater again I was surprised that more than one and a half hour had passed already. We just wanted to see more of him.

Cute sister.

Magnus Betnér at Chinateatern in Stockholm.

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