Monday, May 3, 2010

star struck and neon pink

I was a little bit star struck on Sunday just before the comedy show with Magnus Betnér. We noticed that they were having Humorgalan ('Humor gala') at Berns which is just next door to Chinateatern where we were heading. Humorgalan is a gala shown live on TV to raise money with UNICEF.

There are a few people standing outside and I soon recognize one of them to be Andreas Lundstedt from Alcazar. A group I am always cheering on in Melodifestivalen (Eurovision Song Contest).

My sister was mocking me a bit and thought I should go up to him and tell him that I loved his neon pink tie from one of his performances with Alcazar in the competition in 2009. I decided not to make a fool out of myself so I just walked by.

I truly did love his neon pink tie from that performance. And he did not let me down in this years competition when he had an outfit consisting of a black leather jacket and a pair of neon pink jeans.

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