Monday, May 5, 2008


I think I am letting the stress get to me. It only happened once before and then I did not realize it. It was the first time I had surgery and after I got stomach problems and the doctors think it was because of stress. Stress because of school work and all things I had to finish before surgery. I do not think it will be as bad as then of course, I just need one or two days to get used to it again. Since I have been shutting it all out for a week it all comes rushing back and it is just hard to let it all in at once. I have to take it a little at a time and hopefully, me taking it slowly, will not cause any major problems.

And tomorrow it is time for school again. The serious life. What I miss the exchange life. I wish I could sleep for a couple of weeks and when I wake up the thesis and exam will be done and over and with. Unfortunately it will not happen. I am going to sleep for only a couple of hours and then I have to deal with it.

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