Tuesday, May 6, 2008

got an interview

I am happy. I got an interview for the M.I.S.E. program at Maersk so I am heading to Copenhagen 19th of May. It is my favorite of all trainee programs. Of course I know there is a slim chance that I would actually get it but I will keep my fingers crossed. I would like this trainee program more than the internship in Singapore because I would actually get paid. I would love the internship at the Swedish embassy in Singapore, but as said, the disadvantage is that there is no money involved.

I cannot seem to make up my mind regarding what I actually want. I always seem to be agonizing over decisions. Two weeks ago, all I wanted was to go back to Southeast Asia. Now? Now I feel more like staying in Europe getting an internship at a large company.

What do I want? Please, someone tell me.


  1. hello! happen to be browsing through blogs and came across urs. i'm also a MISE trainee. wish you all the best for the job. I can tell you, the experience is very rewarding. Meeting so many nationalities in one place is something that it occurs only once in your lifetime. :)

    I just got back from Denmark. It's just too good i tell u!

    Go for your goals and what you want in life!


  2. I'm sure I would love it :). Studying at an international school and been abroad two semesters I am all for new experiences and cultures.
    I would love to get in, but of course I have to be realistic as well since the competition is so tough. Maybe I'll see you at one of those meetings later ;).

  3. i'll wish you all the best in your interview! :D

    and better still, if i'm in Denmark, i might want to pop by sweden. I have yet to visit your place!

  4. Dear Carin,

    I just got a interview call from Maersk for the finance traineeship program, i have completed the personality test. Can you provide me some details, abou the first round of interview process, at the moment I am studying at Umea University and writing my D-level thesis....

  5. Hi, congrats :)
    I applied for the program but ending up accepting another job at Maersk instead. I've written about the interviews on the blog so if you just keep reading you get some more info. But here you get the link to the first interview post I made, http://zibib.blogspot.com/2008/05/interview.html. If you still have more questions please ask me again.

  6. thanks carin I have read your complete blog, and you seem quite an interesting person, I have done the personality test online, but I need your opinion concerning if their is something specific that they look into during the first round.....thanks for the reply