Thursday, May 29, 2008

last exam ever?

So the exam is tomorrow. My last exam ever. Hopefully. I sure hope the right questions come so I can pass the exam. A pass is all I need. I will get so angry at myself if I do not pass it since I know I could have studied more. I do not want to come back in August to do a re-exam.

The problem has been motivation. I have had none whatsoever this week. In my mind I am two weeks ahead and already on vacation. Taking it easy or just chilling on the beach. I need to focus for at least one or two weeks. For the exam tomorrow and then I also got an assignment for the course that needs to get done. Then of course my thesis, but I am counting on not having many changes to do.

Now I am just going to get a good night sleep for the morning exam tomorrow. And cross my fingers.

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