Tuesday, May 20, 2008

the interview

The Maersk interview went well. At least in my opinion. The result of the logic test was good and I got above average. Then I got to do a personality test, first pick words that I thought matched my personality, then the same thing again but this time what I thought other people think of me. WIth the results of the personality test, she started to tell me what kind of person I am. I had problems not smiling and tried to keep the laughter inside because it matched so well. It felt absurd that she could tell from a couple of characteristics how I would act in different situations. It was fun and interesting.

Then she moved on to the actual interview and I got the opportunity to talk about my CV and what I have done. Then she asked questions like where I will be in five years, a situation where I used my analytical skills, one time when I had been goal oriented etc. It was only one question where I felt I did not give a good answer, she asked me if I could see myself as a manager and of course I said yes. Then she asked me why I want to be a manager. I answered it but not the best answer. But everything else went well I think.

So lets see in two weeks what kind of email I will receive. Either 'Thanks, but no thanks' or one welcoming me back for another interview. But everything from this point on will only be a plus since I know about the competition. I am just happy that I got called for an interview.


  1. Hi Carin!

    Thanks for the info about the Maersk interview!
    What kind of logical questions were there? Do you think they are all the same regardless of the job position?
    Thanks again :)

  2. Glad if I can help :). I could imagine that they have tests for everybody but of course I cannot be sure since I have only done the interview for the trainee program. The test itself was during 12 min and 50 questions, so there is basically no chance to answer all questions. I think I managed to answer about 40 and then I chose to skip the math questions since I am not so good at mental arithmetic. The questions was very diverse, it was figures and to choose the next one to fit in, what number is the next in line, to be able to see patterns in other words, understanding words etc. Hope it was to some help :).

    1. Heyy Carin, I know its kinda too late a question to ask.. as its been close to 4 yrs.. Do you have an idea of what the cut-off was ?? or wat ur exact score was ?? all the best with your life !

    2. Hi Maven,
      No worries! So I did the test two times, and both times I managed to answer about 30-33 questions I think. The number of questions I got wrong was around 1-3 if I remember correctly. I think I got 29 the first time and perhaps 31 the second time. They said that with that score I was in the top third. I didn't think much about it then, but later realized when talking with colleagues that that result was probably quite good. I know that one colleague of mine got 25.
      They do put quite a lot of weight on the tests, at least that's my experience and what I've heard. But not sure of what the exact cut-off is.
      Good luck!

    3. Hi zibib!! I had the on-line test as well and I did it really well. However I read that might ask you to do it for second time before the interview. I'm afraid I'll be more stressed and won't make it. Is it similar test or more difficult?

    4. Hi!
      I never had an online test, perhaps they have changed it since I got the job. I did a paper based test on my first interview and then a second one on my second interview.
      The process then was that they wanted you to do it twice so that there wasn't a random chance that you got the grade you did. If they still go by that, there is of course a quite a good chance that you have to do it again.
      The two tests I did was the same format, otherwise I guess it's difficult to compare as well. The same level as well, so not more difficult.
      But if you have done it once, then you know the format and concept. I'm sure you don't have to be stressed about it and you'll do great.

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  3. Thanks for your comments! I hope you get a second interview!

  4. did you get a call for the second interview???

  5. i got a second and a third. and i got a job :) .. was working there for one year but got laid off in june due to savings and all. you find more information about the other interviews as well if you are interested.

  6. June of this Year? I just got an interview this friday... in the U.S. tho.. um.. didn't know they lay people off..
    They told me I will be interview with 5 managers including the top guy... plus 1 interview with HR and 2 asseseements.. serious deal..

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  8. Hi, thanks for the information....can u tell me from where did u practice for the logical test?

  9. Hi Azeem, I didn't actually prepare for the test. It was a paper based test and I am not sure if it is there own test or some standardized test. But if I would practice for it I guess I would just practice on logical tests you can find online.

  10. I just have a question...was the second test the same as the first one. I mean were the questions the same? Hoping for an answer:)

  11. Hi, since it was kind of long time ago now I can't be sure. But since I have this freakish photographic memory I think I would have recognized some questions if it was, and I didn't (of course there was quite some time in between the tests). So I can't really be sure, but I would guess that they have a couple different tests but very similar. To avoid the possibility that people remember.

  12. Hi Carin,

    What is the culture like at Maersk? Do they lay off people that often? I heard the pay rise is slow but as a fresh grad, I am more concerned over the training programs. Do they support training and other development programs?