Thursday, January 22, 2009


500 posts in this blog so far. It has been going up and down with the writing but mostly up I have to admit. I have never lost my mojo for blogging for more than one week at a time usually. This blog came alive the 10th of May 2007.

But this was not the first blog, this one is number three in the order. My first blog saw the light already in 2006, 4th of June. At that point, I was not feeling so well and it helped a lot just to write and get all the worries and feelings out. I only had one week left until my second surgery and it had been a tough time leading up to it since it took nine months to get there.

The first one was a try out and I liked it so I started my second blog that I wrote in fall 2006 to spring 2007. A good time with the exchange semester in Singapore and all the traveling. Then I decided to switch blog once again and also start writing in English. So that is how I ended up here.

So actually, in total, this is blog post #949. Over three years. I am sure there will be many more to come.


  1. ...and once again, thanks for your blog!

    I discovered your blog a few months ago when I was looking for tips about M... interview process (and the Wonderlic test), and now I enjoy reading it as it gives me some practical tips/hints as I am myself new in the country!
    I now know that I will have to fight to open a bank account for instance ;o) ...but actually I will only start my new Danish job tomorrow anyway...

    Good luck with your Danish lessons (I started 2 weeks ago and as a French-speaking person I must say it's very, very hard for me!).

    And nice to see you had a good weather in Nice (I used to live here for a few years before Switzerland!)...

    Now I just hope the winter will end because I'm so missing the Sun and warm temperatures I had in France and Switzerland... :o/

  2. Hope you had a nice first week at your new job and that you are enjoying it :)
    Even though I'm Swedish I find it very difficult to understand Danish! It's interesting how easy it is to read it but then hearing it it's totally different! :)
    Apparently it will take some more time before we get some nice spring weather since the snow decided to show up again. Then again we have this typical saying here that the one waiting for something good can never wait too long haha.
    So again, hope you're liking your new job and the town :). and thank you for liking my blog, I also find it helpful to read about someone elses experience when moving somewhere.