Monday, January 19, 2009

i like sport

Not to be a participant. But an observer.
Today there was a lot of sport on the schedule. The TV-schedule that is. Of course. Sweden continued their winning streak, this time against Spain, in the World Championship of handball. I love watching handball, there is always a lot happening and it is a fast game. Of course it makes it more fun to watch since Sweden have been so good at it. A downturn now for a couple of years after all the good ones left the sport, but they seem to be catching up now with new players.

As soon as the game was over it was just to change channel to another Swedish one to watch Idrottsgalan. The gala of sports is a bad translation, but one could call it the Academy Awards of sports isnstead. Which sounds much fancier. Reminicing the sports year of 2008 and all the great achievements of Swedish athletes.

So a night of sports. And I did not even have to take a shower after.

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