Saturday, January 17, 2009

a good saturday

A girl gotta have some popcorn with her wine. So that is why I have some freshly popped popcorn with a lot of salt in my lap watching How I Met Your Mother. And a glass of white wine on the table. It is the Christmas present wine from work and it is quite alright.

It has been a nice Saturday. Had a good night sleep with no disturbances. I needed that. Waking up to no alarm just by myself early enough to be able to to a lot during the day. It started all quietly with some TV series and just relaxing. Then continued downtown with some shopping in one favorite second hand store and of course some H&M.

For dinner I actually felt like cooking so I wrapped up some pasta. I have not had that feeling in a while so it has been no dinner at all or some take out for the most of it. My creative side also appeared today so I started painting. Many things to be taken up today. My mojo for my hobbies seems to have found its way back. Hope it stays.

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