Thursday, January 22, 2009

one of those days

A nice day today I have to admit. No work. Well, I was at work but attended an induction day where Maersk Line was presented and all its different areas. Interesting to get to know what is actually going on. Then I left at four to go for my Danish class. While I am walking out of the building I notice a voice mail on my phone saying that the class have been canceled. Yeay! Great since I did not get an opportunity to do my homework yesterday and I really wanted to come home early for once and just chill.

Then I went to H&M and found out that they had 50% off on their sale prices. So I found quite many pieces of clothing that already had been on sale for 70% and then I got another 50% off on that. Score.

Then I picked up some lovely spring rolls and california roll sushi. A good day. Once of those days when you just enjoy all the small things happening making it a really good day.

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