Saturday, January 31, 2009

just another evening

This week passed very slowly. At least it felt like that compared to last week. But it is strange though, cause when I think about it, it should almost be the opposite. This due to the fact that I was at home for one and a half day which means that my first whole working day of the week was Wednesday. On Thursday a friend came over and we ate sushi and went to this singer-songwriter evening at Café Retro. It was nice and a really cool café/bar. And today just work and a slow day. So you would think the week would feel shorter since I did not work that much and did things.

Now it is finally weekend again and I am just enjoying Friday evening at home. A friend said that he cannot really sit at home on a Friday or Saturday just because it is Friday or Saturday. I have absolutely no problem with that. Coming home from work I just felt like having a relaxed evening doing nothing. But of course there are those evenings which is the opposite and end up sitting at home hoping to be somewhere else. I think today was a mix of both, it started out with a relaxing evening at home turning into just another evening at home. One of those half good/half bad evenings. But I guess you got to have those as well once in a while.

It is just bad that I do not have my girls in town just a few minutes away like in the good old day. Then just another evening at home could easily turn into just another nice evening with my girls.

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