Tuesday, January 27, 2009

not sick again

I was hoping that the CNY would continue in a better way than it started on Sunday by me getting locked out. It did not.
I went to work on Monday as usual ready for another working week. However, I felt a little bit strange and thought it was just hunger or not enough sleep or similar. But there was something else. It was almost like I was a little bit dizzy, cannot really explain it. Unfortunately I was not allowed to keep my breakfast for that long and went home right away. With a cab. No chance I am on the metro with the risk of feeling sick again.

I feared it was the regular flu with stomach issues. But it stopped there and I just felt somewhat strange the rest of the day. Did not feel all too good at night so I decided to stay at home from work on Tuesday. However, waking up later on Tuesday I felt quite alright and probably could have gone to work. Luckily no sign of flu or any other sickness.
So tomorrow it is off to work again.

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