Saturday, January 17, 2009

love my scrubs

Nice and quiet Friday evening. I needed that. After a week with restless nights I have been very tired at work. All thanks to my lovely neighbor who apparently loves to talk on Skype at night. Loudly. I was tired already after midnight and now it is after one and I am already in bed. Not often that happens on a weekend considering I am a night owl.

It was a good choice to stay at home and not going out to this birthday party at a bar my friend tried to convince me of. Would have been dead tired after only a couple of hours. Instead I enjoyed some great Indian takeout, a glass of red wine, some Friends, and the newest episodes of Scrubs. Scrubs is finally out with the eight season.

Now it is time to shut it all down. Hopefully I will get a good night sleep and feel all rested tomorrow. Maybe I will even manage to get up at a decent hour. Wonders can happen.

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