Wednesday, January 7, 2009

no holiday in sight

After doing so much during the holidays, it was nice with a weekend not doing anything. Friday I just popped open a bottle of red wine and had some of my imported cheez doodles. Watching How I Met Your Mother.

Saturday was planned to do nothing as well. But a co-worker managed to drag me out in the rain for lunch. Then he even managed to drag me out to a bar in the evening. Well, it was not like I was that hard to convince. It was not like I had any other good plans except from lying in my sofa.

The Sunday was spent watching TV but then I had to exchange my jammies for some real clothes since three friends was coming over for pancakes.

So the weekend was planned for spending time at home doing nothing, but I ended up having plans anyway. Although I did get some time for just chilling anyway.

Then it was time for work... A whole week of work. Have to wait until Easter, I think, for next holiday. Are we there yet?

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