Wednesday, January 14, 2009

loser or not a loser, that is the quesiton

So what happened to work today?
We got the weekly cake question which we all take very seriously. Last week Ole, the director of our group, asked a tricky math question which ended up being more tricky for him. What most of us answered was apparently way off from the figure Ole had (which was wrong) and he ended up buying cake for us himself.

Today we then got this weeks question which of course was another tricky question. How many bananas could the vessel Cornelia Maersk transport if loaded into 20ft containers. So we started to google and one after another seemed to find the answer. However it seemed to be very difficult for me. Moi, the master of googling. We did not have that much time and in the end I had some numbers and I tried to calculate a figure to email before the deadline ran out. But just a few minutes later when I heard what my collegue answered I realized I did not really think it all through. According to my guessed figure a 20ft container would hold 160 bananas...

So I started to search for a recipe being sure that I was the loser. Somehow there was one who guessed such a huge amount that he lost instead of me. Even better, there was one who guessed an even lower number than me. So I was totally safe and my winning streak continues.

So to make a long story short. We had the cake question today which I was so confident to have lost. But how wrong you ever seem to be, there always someone who will save you by being more off than you.

So that was what happened at work.
And yes, I was quite bored at work.

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