Sunday, January 25, 2009

miss blue calling for mr smith

Not the best thing happened today.
I still cannot believe it. How can I be so stupid? I am usually the one who has everything under control and not up in the blue. Because today, for a few seconds, I was totally up in the blue.

I did not do much today at all, just chilling, and I decide to go to the store to buy something to eat. As soon as I go out of my door and take one step down the stairs I freeze.

I stepped out of my door. Closed it. Realized a split second after closing the door. I forgot my keys. I sat down and I was just blank. I even have a neighbor passing me while going down the stairs. I do not say a thing. I am thinking I have a friend living close by, but I have only been there once and not sure whether I can find my way there and I do not have my cellphone on me either. Also one reason that I do not want to leave the building since I of course does not have the key to the building door either.

Of course at this point, only a few minutes later, I realize I have to do something. I knock on my next door neighbor's door but it seems to be all quiet in there. But I am lucky and a few seconds later she enters the building. It is this older woman that barely understands my lame Swedish effort of sounding Danish. But she does most of the talking and I understand most of it.

She tries to call the landlord with no luck. Then the only thing to do is to call the locksmith. After 30 minutes he showed up and after a minute or two he opened the door. Home sweet home. For this I had to pay 850 DKK. Lovely. But what to do, I can only blame my self. I locked myself out.

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