Tuesday, June 24, 2008

how to decide?

So I got an email from the company today. The girl that had my second interview had sent my application to this guy that emailed me regarding a position as a Financial Controller at Maersk. Which means that I made a good impression on the second interview. However, a position as a Financial Controller is not really what I have been seeing myself working with. Reading his email a couple of times it started sounding more interesting. So I did send him an email telling that I was interested. But now I am starting to doubt again. It is not really a job that I am jumping up and down and cheering of joy for. On the other hand it might be a good first job. If I get my foot into the company it will be much easier later. Then again, can I see myself working with this for one or two years before getting ahead? It might as well be difficult to steer away from this path if I start walking on it.

Deep down inside I know what my decision is. Then again there are those doubts. Can I really turn down a job? If I go for another interview and get more information about the job it might seem like a good job. And it did sound a little bit interesting. But how can I decide when I do not really know what I want to work with? It is not like I have a valid reason to turn it down, except my gut feeling. Is that enough?


  1. Being a great believer in doing what the gut feeling tells you to do...yes, sometimes that is enough. Most ppl would probably call you crazy for turning down a job but if it doesn't feel right, will you then be able to do a good job? If they call you back for another interview, go and listen to what they have to say - if the feeling is the same afterwards, then go with what feels right for you coz at the end of the day, it's about you and nobody else.

  2. Sure, the gut feeling is important. Deep inside you always know what decision you want to make, even though you have not realized it yet. Have to get some more information about the job and then make my decision. Thanks for your thoughts :)