Tuesday, June 17, 2008

obstacles before the finish line

So I managed to find some energy in the end. After some sleep and food I was prepared to start writing. With some candy next to me giving me a sugar kick when needed. I was up until 2.30 am writing to get most of it done to send to my tutor hoping that he can read it through as soon as possible. Boy did I fool myself once again. Of course he had a paper to write and the earliest he can read my thesis through is on Thursday. The last day for me to send it in if I want to have it published before the summer. The database where our theses are published will close for the summer due to upgrading and will open in fall again. Yeay, such good news. And since the people on the 4th floor, dealing with the publishing, are so 'helpful' and 'accommodating' I am not hopeful that they will be fast enough to publish it even if I hand it in on Thursday. I guess I will not be able to get my grade until fall. I do not now if it really matters unless employers really do ask for the grades. Well, well. If I do get a job at M I do not really have to worry since they do not ask for grades. ;)

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