Saturday, June 14, 2008

goodbye jönköping

So today was all about packing the last stuff, carrying, and cleaning. Was like it never would end, but gladly it did. And it was good that dad did not bring anyone else to help moving. Because we would not have fit in another person in the car. The whole car was stuffed as you can see. Only two seats free in the front.

Also the trailer was stuffed. I am happy that I had such a small apartment, otherwise it would have been a lot more crap to take care of.

Goodbye my dear apartment. The second red door from the left at the top. Going to miss it even though it was only 27 square meters. But it was all mine. I could be messy without someone caring. I could stay up late. Or sleep in. Eat whatever or whenever I wanted. I hope I will have my own place soon again.

Goodbye neighbors. Goodbye town. See you in November for a weekend for the graduation ceremony.

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