Thursday, June 19, 2008

yeah baby!

I'm free, I'm free!
Four years of university is finally over. I passed my last exam ever, which I even got a B in to my surprise. Now I also got a okay from my tutor about the thesis. So it is all over and done with. Unfortunately I probably will not be able to get in the grade before the summer. I think I will have to wait until fall but I do not really care at this point. I am just glad I am done!

Now it is time for some celebrations. I started it with a cider and watching Friends. The celebrations will continue this weekend with Midsummer and all. It will be great.

For the moment I will just skip the worries about the future and the fact that I am done with school. Which is kind of scary. Now I will just focus on being unemployed and living with my parents. And enjoying the summer and the free time.

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